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The DJs

Antonio Leone
Sound: Dark, tech trance and fun, energetic house.
Characters: Trixxiz & Lyeon
Club Trix Status: Head DJ
Influences: Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate, Marcus Schössow, Leon Bolier, Randy Katana, Yoji, Mat Zo, Arty.

Schedule: Every week at prime time.


I, Antonio Leone started as "DJ Chandni" in 2004 listening to the likes of Tiësto, 4 Strings, and Cosmic Gate. Disappointed at the lack of trance music in my hometown, I began to casually explore the art of DJing not for the sake of DJing or showing off skill, but rather for the sake of good music that was not getting recognition. I rented equipment and spaces, playing in random untraditional venues and house parties, exploring trance sound in general; I experimented with everything from anthemic trance to psychadelic goa, and from progressive to gabber.

After a hiatus from DJing I returned in 2009 with a more matured, focused direction in sound. I dropped the newbish "DJ Chandni" moniker and instead took up the name of Antonio Leone, taken from my Italian heritage. Inspired by the likes of Markus Schulz and Adymus, I began a monthly podcast with a dark & spacey progressive trance sound titled "Moonlit Wanderlust." After only 4 episodes, my podcast was picked up by Discover Trance Radio and made into a weekly radio show.

I made attempts to enter the local club scene, but my trance sound proved to be something my area was not yet ready for; I even watched internationally-known trance DJs come to town and completely empty the clubs. As a result, I stuck with internet podcasts, radio shows, and guest mixes.

In late 2010 I began to feel something was missing in my sound and that I had lost direction. I also longed for the energy-filled fun I had experience earlier in the decade. I adjusted my sound some, keeping the dark, bass-filled theme I loved, but replaced the chill spacey sound with energetic tech, and have been absolutely loving this more club-ready sound which I have brought to local radio stations with guest mixes.

In early 2011, wanting to find a way into the local club scene, I began to experiment with house music -- much more palatable to the region I'm in -- and began practising and mastering the sound during the opening hour of my new weekly Club Trix broadcasts. Although it did not bring the amount of listeners I enjoyed with my radio shows, I became infatuated with the community response and interaction of these events, and they became the focus of much of 2011. However, with the Club Trix events taking the whole of my weekend, I was unable to bring my new house sound to the local scene, so I merged the Saturday nights into the Friday nights, and now stand ready to work the local scene once again.